Inexhaustible, clean and ideal for slowing down global warming. These are some of the advantages of wind power, the present and future of clean energy.

We make use of wind to generate the energy needed for our planet, in a totally sustainable and natural way, taking advantage of the resources the earth offers.

Carrying out a good technical project is vital if our target is to build a very profitable wind farm capable of withstanding extreme conditions during its estimated life.

Wind Resource Measurement

An accurate wind resource assessment is a key element of the successful wind farm development.

It is necessary to perform a high quality measurement campaign in order to obtain conclusive data to help us choose not only the most productive wind turbine but also the one that best withstands the particular wind conditions of each site.

Excellent design tools and the state-of-art in energy yield software are need to reduce the uncertainty as much as possible.

Here is where the know-how of Nayxa, generated from the development of more than 20,000 MW of Wind Energy projects, plays a key role.

Wind engineering

At Nayxa we program our own applications and we continuously study new Research & Development projects, allowing us to place ourselves at the forefront of Wind Engineering.



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