Civilian or military telecommunication services can be interfered because of the installation of a wind farm.

The main objective of this type of studies is to detect before the implantation of a new wind farm, the existing interference problems in order to solve them, redesigning the layout of the wind farm or searching for an optimal solution.

Telecommunication systems analyzed:

  • Radio AM, FM and DAB broadcasting.
  • Analogue and digital television broadcasting.
  • Point-to-point radio links.
  • Cellular telephone and mobile or fixed radio systems.
  • Airports and aeronautical navigation systems.
  • Astronomy observatories.
  • Radar systems (air, maritime and weather radars).
  • Seismological monitoring systems.

The studies are done by highly skilled Telecommunication Engineers and proven experience in this field.

Electromagnetic interference studies

Electromagnetic interference studies



Inexhaustible, clean and ideal for slowing down global warming. These are some of the advantages of wind power, the present and future of clean energy.

We make use of wind to generate the energy needed for our planet, in a totally sustainable and natural way, taking advantage of the resources the earth offers.

Nayxa is a leading independent consultancy company in the area of wind resource assessment and site assessment. At Nayxa we work with commercial software like WAsP or WindFarmer but also with the state-of-art when it comes to in-house wind software development. A continuous research and development plan is carried out at Nayxa.

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