• Site assessment according to IEC 61400-1 guidelines for each wind turbine position within the wind farm.
  • Specific and detailed calculation of the Vref parameter (IEC class), taking into account a set of 20 different methods.
  • Calculation of the effective turbulence intensity (IEC sub-class), according to S. Frandsen formulas and complex terrain specifications.
  • Service of permanent contact with the wind turbine manufacturer with the scope of verifying conditions of operation of the wind turbines.
Site assessment Site assessment



Inexhaustible, clean and ideal for slowing down global warming. These are some of the advantages of wind power, the present and future of clean energy.

We make use of wind to generate the energy needed for our planet, in a totally sustainable and natural way, taking advantage of the resources the earth offers.

Nayxa is a leading independent consultancy company in the area of wind resource assessment and site assessment. At Nayxa we work with commercial software like WAsP or WindFarmer but also with the state-of-art when it comes to in-house wind software development. A continuous research and development plan is carried out at Nayxa.

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